MelloMello is a registered Community Interest Company which serves the local grassroots artistic community of Liverpool.

In its current form MelloMello operates a vegetarian kitchen promoting healthy eating with a strong commitment to providing delicious, hearty food for those with special dietary requirements such as lactose and gluten intolerance; a wonderfully stocked bar focussing on the best local & British breweries as well as beer based innovations from across the globe with coffee & wines selected and provided by local independent businesses; a venue which operates a full programme of varied cultural performances from poetry and theatre to jazz and DIY punk with a strong emphasis on local, grassroots talent, providing a platform for emerging local artists to refine their work and gain vital experience; a recording & rehearsal studio for local bands to hone their craft and create their first recordings with an experienced producer, and artist’s studio spaces. MelloMello also houses Tilt Dance Company who produce grassroots dance performances as well as hosting a full timetable of classes and workshops.

MelloMello aims to offer a safe, welcoming and inspiring environment for all.


MelloMello was founded by a group of volunteers from The Arts Organisation (Liverpool) Ltd in 2007. These volunteers gradually transformed a previously near-derelict space into what is now a vibrant cultural hub with no investment and no grants but with plenty of hard work and a desire to create something different.